Improved performance with technological solutions

DA-Group is a trusted partner to defence forces, defence and security industry in Finland and internationally. DA-Group helps customers to improve performance and safety by creating new solutions or by modernizing existing systems with cutting-edge electronics.

We offer the entire service chain to deliver systems, subsystems and equipment - from research, design and development, testing and manufacturing to complete product lifecycle management.

DA-Group is the provider and partner of innovated products for defence and space organizations. Our services include various solutions in demanding environments from sea depths to space vacuum.


  • Radars and radar calibrators
  • Radar testers and radar jammers
  • Pulse modulators and synthetizers
  • Microwave components and subsystems to SAR satellites
  • RF solutions, sensors and switches
  • Underwater solutions and systems 
  • Target detection system and fuze devices for sea mines 
  • EW testing device (RF, UV, IR) for a platform's self-protection system 
  • Antenna positioning systems and pedestals
  • Fast and real time digital signal processing (DSP) 
  • Secured data links
  • Vehicle computers and displays for demanding environments


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Juuso Kaitalo

Juuso Kaitalo

Business Director
Defence & Security
Tel. +358 29 0800 912






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